Tours Are Back at Joliet’s Rialto Square Theatre

I’ve been lucky enough in my radio career to be a part of some productions at the Rialto Square Theater…specifically the It’s a Wonderful Life live radio play. I usually play a rather minor role, which is great for me! That means I get to snoop around such a historic building and check out the behind-the-scene spaces not everyone gets the chance to see.

The downside of my own self-guided tours is I didn’t have someone to tell me what I was looking at and why it was so cool! I didn’t have a guide to tell me the stories and facts that make the Rialto so dang cool!

That’s a great reason to sign up for one of their tours! Naturally, they had to shut down theater tours for the last year or so, but they are back now for your exploring pleasure!

One of the really cool parts is exploring the walls of the area below the stage where all the acts that play at the Rialto leave their mark – literally.


Tours are held every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. The basic tour is just $5, which goes to help maintain the Jewel of Joliet.

You can also purchase some add-ons to your tour like a private mini-concert played on the Rialto’s majestic Barton Grande Theater Pipe Organ and/or a breakfast or lunch buffet in the stunningly beautiful rotunda.

If you are a local history buff, a theater geek, or appreciate spectacular architecture, you can book your tour here.

Want a sneak peek? They have a 360-degrree virtual tour on their website.