Video Inside A Beehive on This World Bee Day

Full disclosure…I’m not a bee guy.

I get it…they are important pollinators that, without their services, would likely cause the demise of the entire human race.

I get it.

However…back in the day, I’ve had a few not-so-fun run-ins with yellow and black stinging insects, one of which sent me tumbling down a flight of stairs…so yeah, I’m good.

But, to prove I’m not a TOTAL hater, here I am promoting World Bee Day!

Pretty cool video shared by our friends at the Forest Preserve District of Will County! As much as I hate the little buggers, this is a pretty cool view inside their world. The sound gives me anxiety, but I appreciate what’s going on here!

Is this going to stop me from ripping out the dandelions in my yard? Nope. But hey, if you’ve seen my neighbors yard, you’ll know he totally makes up for it!

And get this…Angelina Jolie is apparently a much better person than I am. She got covered in bees…VOLUNTARILY…for World Bee Day.

Literally my worst nightmare. And I use the word literally literally.

Happy World Bee Day.