VOTE! Now or Then, But VOTE!

So with all the different hurdles and situations facing all of us as voters what is it you have decided to do? Did you vote early or absentee or maybe by mail or will you stay traditional and vote on election day. The pandemic has really thrown a lot of curve balls at us and then there’s the President letting us know the post office won’t be functioning properly and that he believes there will be massive fraud with mail in ballots. There seems to be no real proof to back that up, but him simply saying it puts a pall on voting by mail. You’ve about reached the end of time for mailing in your ballots anyway. I’ve decided to go traditional and vote on election day. My polling place is literally half a block away and I’ve voted there for almost 20 years. Never crowded after say 9:30 or so and I’ll have my mask and hand sanitizer. I guess my thoughts are that however you decide to cast your ballot the key is that you do vote and that it does get counted. So be careful, wear the damn mask and VOTE.


Info On Mailing In Your Ballot.