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Think you had a rough childhood?  John Mellencamp kindly asks you to sit down and SHUT UP.  Because at least you were never decapitated.  (???)

John tells Esquire” magazine, quote, “I was born with spina bifida.  I had my head cut off when I was six weeks old.  There were three other kids who had that same operation that day.  The other kids died, and I lived.

“One girl made it for a while, and I used to see her at basketball games.  She was paralyzed from the neck down.  She died when she was about, I don’t know, thirteen.”

Here’s more wisdom from the former Johnny Cougar:

“You only have so many [effs] to give in your body, so don’t give [an eff] about what’s not [eff]worthy.”

And:  “I don’t know how many grandkids I have.  A lot.”