Hi this is Leslie Harris, and I love going to concerts! There’s nothing like being in that atmosphere. It’s a dance between the performers in the audience. Neither one of them would be there without the other, and there’s nothing like the energy of a performer pouring their hearts out while the audience is giving the feedback of appreciation. I actually went to THREE concerts this week!

The conundrum I find myself in is that while I love going to concerts, I don’t like spending a lot of money on them. Unless it’s someone I really really really want to see like Aerosmith or the Rolling Stones, I’m not one to cough up a lot for a single ticket. Here’s a trick that some of my friends have used. I haven’t yet, but I’m going to start paying more attention.

If an artist is in town, and you’d like to see them, and you don’t want to spend a lot, wait until the day of the show to look for your tickets. I have a friend who got a very cheap ticket to see Green Day the afternoon of the show, and he also went to see the Rolling Stones this past June and got his tickets that afternoon as well. I got my ticket to see that same Rolling Stones show as soon as they went on sale. He paid a lot less and had a better seat! I even know someone who got a PAVILION seat to the Bush /Live/Our Lady Peace Show last night. He went online yesterday afternoon, and got his ticket for TEN DOLLARS.

You see, the agencies that are selling tickets would rather get a little bit of money than none at all.

Keep in mind, you are taking a chance .So if you’re feeling lucky, or you just want to check out a band and not pay a lot too, check all of the different websites the day of the show.You may be surprised at what you find

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