Wasn’t This Supposed To Make Things Easier?

Leslie Harris here. I was looking at NextDoor last night, and one of my neighbors had posted about his frustration getting an appointment at the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV, and apparently, he’s not the only one.

Neighbor after neighbor expressed their frustration with getting an appointment, particularly at the Lombard facility. Some people were told to go onto the website multiple times a day to get an appointment, and some people were told to call the facility multiple times a day. Still others recommended trying a different DMV.

Several people said that if you went online at 6:00 or 6:30 a.m., you could often get a same day appointment, while others lamented that they need advanced notice to make arrangements for child care. From what they are saying, only October appointments are available right now.

Some people are saying that if you are a senior citizen you don’t need an appointment, while others are saying that senior citizens without appointments have been turned away recently.

I thought that the new system of having to make an appointment was supposed to make things easier.

Have you or someone you know also had this experience? Having to call or go online multiple times a day just to get an appointment seems ridiculous to me. Also, which DMVs are better? Please discuss in the Facebook comments.