It’s been officially summer for a while, but finally it feels like it.  And in the winter, dogs have fur that keeps them from freezing to death.  But imagine if you had to wear your coat all year round, day and night!  That’s kind of what dogs have to do.

According to, keeping your dog cool is paramount when the weather heats up, and the way to do that is to to be mindful of their outdoor play areas.  Make sure your dog has a shaded area with cool water while they’re out in the sun and if you can, avoid peak heat hours outdoors.  Air conditioning is as much your dog’s friend as it is yours.  You should also know the signs of your pet overheating which include excessive panting, drooling, or body weakness.

And needless to say, never leave them in a car when it’s hot.  You’ve seen A Dog’s Purpose, haven’t you?

And if your dog has a short or light coat, be aware that they can sunburn!

Of course, the heat isn’t the only threat to pets in the summer.  With summer comes the increased use of pesticides, which have chemicals that are toxic to your pooch.  If you spray anything in your yard, don’t let your dog into it for at least a couple of hours.

And the ASPCA recommends keeping your animals away from citronella candles and tiki torches, too.  Fire bad!

Stay cool, stay safe.  Woof!