As far as school goes, this entire week is a scratch, right?

No school Monday.

A lot of schools are in session today, but how much is really going to get done knowing that tomorrow will be canceled as well (some have called it, others are waiting, for some reason)?

And if (when) a district closes Wednesday, they are going to have to close Thursday as well! If the reason to close for extreme cold is because you don’t want kids standing outside waiting for buses, then you HAVE to call off Thursday. The morning temps on Thursday will not be any different than Wednesday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

Wednesday, January 30 at 8am
Temperature: -23 °F
Wind Chill: -50 °F
Surface Wind: W 16G25mph

Thursday, January 31 at 8am
Temperature: -22 °F
Wind Chill: -36 °F
Surface Wind: WSW 5mph

I think we can get back to it on Friday when the forecasted morning temperature is balmy eight degrees and a near-tropical wind chill of two below.

So let’s just get ahead of this thing and call off classes for both Wednesday and Thursday so parents and caregivers can make arrangements. It’s very rare that they actually have a lot of lead time with this type of things, so that will be refreshing.

Here’s where you can find the complete list of closings.