The American Kennel Club just released the list of most popular dog breeds for 2020. The list is determined by the AKC’s registration stats.  And it’s a crock!

OK, I guess it’s not.  But how can my little wiener dogs not top the list?

But noooo.  The #1 spot goes to the Labrador Retriever making it the 30th year in a row as top dog!  I guess I’m OK with that.  Labradors are pretty cool.

Coming in second is the French Bulldog, third goes to the German Shepherd, fourth place is the Golden Retriever and in fifth place is the Bulldog.  What?!  Two different bulldogs?

Studies show that the popularity of dog breeds can vary based on what’s trending in pop culture. Meaning, that if a popular movie features a specific breed, chances are that breed will increase in popularity.

So dachshunds came in at #10.  Which is not bad at all, considering the list goes to 195.  At the bottom?  Norwegian Lundehunds.  Ever hear of those?  Yeah, me neither.