So it’s Friday and we have reached our final decade of  our favorite song week … It’s the nineties!

The biggest curveball that 90s music threw us was, of course, grunge. In the lead up to the so called birth of it (or the release of Nirvana’s Nevermind), guitar-based music roughly fell into three categories: alternative rock, classic-rock standbys and an already-dimming hair metal scene. It was so lost that 1989 also marked the curious year that Jethro Tull won the best hard-rock/metal Grammy, but back to the nineties.

So Smells Like Teen Spirit is almost the anthem of the nineties (well that and the Spice Girls!) but for me the track below was Nirvana’s truly outstanding track … so this is my song #1 of the nineties ….

Heavy metal didn’t disappear; it just reconfigured itself. Bands like Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Aerosmith transcended fads, becoming stadium bands. Still, for the most part, rock fans diverted their attentions to grunge, and bands like Green Day who were part of the nineties alternative pop punk scene.  What I love about the below song is the meaning behind it.  It was a song the band wrote for their original fans who felt they had sold out when they reached great success with the Dookie album.  This track is from the Nimrod album which came out in late nineties.

Lastly I need to pop across the ocean and go with a band who I absolutely love musically but think they are miserable human beings … Liam and Noel Gallagher spent most of the nineties criticizing other artists and arguing with each other.   Noel claims they have been fighting since Liam was born and the band broke up in 2009.  They haven’t produced anything musically as good apart as they did together.  This was a song that absolutely takes me back to the mid nineties, I still really love it today.

So here we are last chance … what are some of your favorite songs of the nineties?