Woah … now this is getting hard because truth be told there was a lot about the seventies that I loved.  I was a child of the seventies so this is my introduction to music really.  Glam Rock, Disco, Punk Rock … it all came about in that glorious decade … it will be hard to narrow this down but let’s have a go.

Starting with a bit of Glam Rock … and an artist we lost far too soon.  I had an older cousin who had Marc Bolan posters all over her wall and I thought she was the coolest.  I can remember feeling very grown up because I loved this tune … now that I am actually grown up (Way Grown Up!!)  I still love this song ..

This has to have been one of the biggest one hit wonders of the late seventies.  However let it be known … I used to play the album from start to finish and there were a lot of great tracks.  There is also a great scene in Reality Bites where Janeane Garofalo dances to this song in a gas station, so now I have to dance like her when I hear it. 

This was one of the first albums I bought with my own money.  Prior to that I had only been able to afford the 45 single.  The black and white stripes on the front of the album evoke so many memories for me and just hearing that drum machine beginning always makes me smile.

So the crazy seventies … what are some of your favorite songs?