What Are Your Top Bands Of All Time?

So as you look back on all the music you’ve listen to and all those live shows you’ve paid to see, whose your fav? Whose in your top 10? What bands do you rank as the best? I been lucky enough to see an amazing amount of live music in my career and thinking back I have so many great memories. Shows at different venues and in different cities have certainly popped up on my top list. I saw the original “The Wall” in New York in 1980, but I must admit as fantastic as that show was seeing Roger Waters perform it at the United Center and then at Wrigley Field with all the modern new tech effects that weren’t available in the beginning was just remarkable. I saw The Beatles in 1966, but it was really hard to hear them over the screams of all the teenage girls. Still it was The Beatles. Saw The Stones early and maybe 6 more times since, saw the Doors and Hendrix. The Who show we did on December 8th 1979 from the Amphitheater that we broadcast via satellite to 9 Chicago theaters for another 25,000 concert goers to enjoy stands out and then there are shows like Graham Nash at the Arcada, George Thorogood, Fleetwood Mac, BB King, Bowie on the Ziggy Stardust tour, Springsteen at the Uptown and the Auditorium. My list could go on, but whose your favs? Here’s a list that may help you remember or rank some of your top picks.

100 most popular rock bands of all time.