Now I’m all for a few tweaks to baseball to help speed it up. Some ideas are better than others, though.

Yesterday, the MLB announced, among several rules changes, that they are shortening the time between innings! That’s great! Back to baseball. How much time are they knocking off? A whopping FIVE SECONDS!

The standard, locally-broadcast game will go from a 2:05 break between innings to two minutes even.

WHOA!! Thanks MLB! You just shortened the game by a whopping 45 seconds!

I get it, you have TV networks that run their commercials that wouldn’t be to happy with anything more than five seconds. So you really just took off a total of 45 seconds from a game? It seems more like a move to just make it LOOK LIKE they are TRYING to do something rather than actually doing anything worth a dang (pardon my language).

So that begs the question, what can you do if you had an extra five seconds?!

A couple of thoughts. I could:

– like one more tweet or IG post.
– Hug one of my children.
– One more sip of beer.
– Check that phantom vibration from my phone.
– Smile.

That’s just a few off the top of my head.