Well Saturday has come and gone, but did you celebrate national Pizza Day? I did, and I even had some new pizza (in other words pizza from a place I have never been to before, they have super thin crust pizza and it was delish).

We didn’t get too crazy with the toppings, as we were feeding the cast between shows of 13 The Musical. Cheese, sausage, pepperoni, veggie and gluten free cheese were the options to choose from.

Now, I’ve never had a pizza with an almost paper thing crust before and being a boy from the north side of the City, let me tell you I have had my fair share of thin crust pizza.

I remember the one place we would always get our pizza from was Barry’s Spot. They used to have a location on Peterson Ave on the North side of the city, but now are located on Broadway. Man did I love their pizza!

Anyways, in Today’s Unscientific poll, I am compiling a list of your favorite Pizza toppings. So let me know in the comments below. Hey I may even talk about them on tomorrow nights show.