Chicago has one of the coolest local scenes.  We have so many great local acts and so many great venues to see them in.   Even the Chicago suburbs has some great local bands.

One of my favorite things to do is check out local music when I go on a trip.  Last summer when I went to Traverse City with some friends and we stumbled upon a really unique and super fun band called Paddlebots – they were kind of a progressive soul-pop band with a really great sound… I would love to see them again.

Local music is a such a great way to experience live music without having to wop down hundreds of dollars for tickets.  Any given day in Chicago you can check out some local music like the show tomorrow night at Live Wire Lounge.   Some pretty cool bands playing (I am rather partial to Thrift Store Halo as my hubby plays guitar for that band… you should check them out if you are looking for something to do).

So tell me… do you have a favorite local band?  Maybe you are in a local band?  Swing over to Facebook and tell me who I should be checking out next.