So sometimes you love an artist the minute you hear the first song they release and you are a loyal fan until the end (that is kind of me with Duran Duran 😉 )  But sometimes it takes a particular song or a particular album to make you a die hard fan.  Usually you can remember what that album or song was.   For me the artist was Elvis Costello.

I had always liked Elvis Costello.  I knew his hits (well he didn’t have big hits but the songs that occasionally made it onto the radio) but I didn’t really get into Elvis Costello until I discovered his 7th album, Imperial Bedroom.    Now part of this was due to my age.  This album came out in in 1982.  I was in middle school so my musical taste (and a few other things)  was just blossoming.  This was the kind of album you played back to front, over and over.  It was such a great album full of totally unique and interesting and melodic and catchy Elvis Costello tunes.

Now truth be told … my favorite track on the album is called “And in Every Home” but I couldn’t find a video of that (I might have to upload one!)  So I went with my second favorite song on the album.  But it was the WHOLE album that turned me onto Elvis in 1982 and lucky me then got to go back and buy his first six albums … I was drowning in great Elvis Costello music.   So thank you Imperial Bedroom for being so great that you made me realize how great ALL of Elvis Costello’s music is!

How about you … what was that one song or album that made you go … Woah!  Who is this???