Good afternoon! This is Laura Vaughn from The Weekend River in for Nick Jakusz today.

It happened in London. A teenage girl went to the emergency room for a broken fingernail. Her acrylic nail that was glued tightly to her natural nail, pulled some of the natural nail off.

Apparently in London there is a TV show that just hangs out in the waiting room of St. George’s Hospital hoping to see some drama and this one really shocked a lot of viewers. In fact, they took to twitter to shout their shock, One tweeter writes, “Oh for God’s Sake! It’s a fingernail. You’re wasting everybody’s time by going to the A&E. People need to re-evaluate what classes as a bloody emergency.” Apparently, the ER in the UK is called the A&E.

To make matters worse, the teenager complained about waiting too long for help. At one point she holds up her finger and groans, “Can someone come and deal with my finger, I think I’m going to pass out.” Doctors did have to remove the entire fingernail and viewers of the show got to watch the entire ordeal.

The show is called 24 Hours in the A&E, just in case you want in on the drama