What Is The Perfect PB&J?

When going for a snack or a quick lunch I have many times reached for an old favorite. PB&J. Yep, peanut butter & jelly. Oh yeah! It’s simple, has nourishment and takes you back to another time when you were much more care free. Your childhood. I can remember getting up on a Saturday morning and sitting down to watch cartoons with a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and some jelly and a big jug of milk. That brings back some great memories! Apparently this past Sunday night on Sunday Night Football there arose a controversy about PB&J and just what is the proper ratio of peanut butter to jelly to make the perfect sandwich. I’m about 60-40 kinda guy myself, but there seems to be a wide variance of thought on this difficult formula. For more info and insight read below.

NFL Locker Room Sandwiches Leads To A Debate Over The Perfect PB&J Ratio