There is an amazing collection of new vinyl being released tomorrow.  Some albums are being released on vinyl for the first time, some albums are being re-released with added tracks and some are getting the royal treatment of a super cool picture disc.   Some of my favorite releases on Record Store Day are the extended mix 12″ singles.   I always loved an extended mix … I always thought I was super cool if I had the 12″ single of a song.    One of my favorites that was often on repeat on my record player was Depeche Mode’s/ Everything Counts. –  7 1/2 minutes of fab!  I had some great dance tracks on 12″ discs as well.   But check this one out below … such a great vibe.

I really hope you will make it out to a record store tomorrow and partake in one of the funnest days of the year.  There is so much going one.  However if the day gets away from you there is one other thing you could do … check out a movie about a record store … there are many cool ones.   One of my personal favorites is the nineties gem … Empire Records .  If you haven’t seen it essentially its about a group of quirky kids (including Renee Zellweger and Liv Tyler) who work at an independent record store.  They find out it is about to be absorbed by a large chain (as happened to so many cool record stores of the eighties!)  But they basically try anything to stop that from happening.   Also last Monday was Rex Manning Day …. soooo just sayin’ (Say no more, mon amour!)