Immediately following the conclusion of whatever that was at halftime, we put up a Facebook post asking for reaction.

You did not disappoint, dear listeners!

Some other items that popped out at me this morning include the TV ratings. Oh boy, it was bad (relatively speaking, of course). Reflecting the boring game, and the fact no one cares to watch Tom Brady win yet another Super Bowl, the game had the second-lowest rating in the history of televised Super Bowls. Nielson’s overnight ratings says that just 45% of televisions were tuned in, the lowest since 2009.

The ratings in Boston were predictably higher: 57.4%.

The ratings in LA reinforce the fact that LA has the worst sports fans in the country: 44.6%. Yes…LA watched at a lesser rate then the country as a whole. Sad!

What about in New Orleans, where fans feel their dear Saints should have been in this game if not for a historically bad missed call? Well, a boycott was in place, and it looked like it worked. New Orleans drew just a 26.1 rating! That’s hilarious!

While the game itself was a snoozefest and the halftime show wasn’t much to write home about either, I had a great time! Instead of lame old squares, everyone at our party had fist fulls of dollar bills. The entire game people would yell out wagers and others would accept them, matching the intensity you hear on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange!

I came out up $5.

To be clear, it was all monopoly money!