So the eighties was a big time of change on how we chose music.  No longer were we just listening to bands on our radio, we were watching them on MTV.   Really MTV is the reason for the second British Invasion in the eighties.  Essentially  they needed videos for their 24 hour music channel (back in the eighties they actually played music!)  American acts hadn’t really embraced music videos the same way British bands had so in order to fill time they started playing a whole bunch of British bands.  This gave these bands a ton of exposure so in turn radio stations started playing them.

MTV even approached record labels and said we need some fab videos.   One of those companies was Duran Duran’s record label so they shipped the boys off to Sri Lanka and Antigua and filmed a whole bunch of videos for their second album RIO.   (It is reported that EMI spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these vids but the result is pretty amazing.)

So although this may not be the first music video I fell in love with (to be honest that might be a Wham video!)  but this one is one that I watched over and over.  Studying every single frame (especially when the lovely John Taylor was on screen!)


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