Hey, Rich Dale here.  According to the National Academy of Sciences, the concept of “puppy dog eyes” is a result of evolution!  Domestic dogs apparently have evolved a muscle in their eyebrows that allows them to get that irresistibly “cute” expression, as demonstrated so well by our wiener dog Cori.  This causes humans to forgive them more easily.

So this thought is kind of disturbing, but since evolution is about more advantageous traits being passed on by survival, does that mean that as the centuries have gone by, cuter dogs have survived more often because their owners felt more bonded to them?  Maybe then they would do more to save the dog’s life, or maybe not eat it if times were tough?  Let’s put that thought out of our minds.

The thing is, wolves don’t have that muscle at all.  Unlike most domestic dogs, they have to fight to survive.  Everyone knows that wolves have evil-looking glowing red eyes, right?

Now the Academy should research the head tilt.  That gets ya every time too.