Tim Thomas in for Mitch Michaels on this President’s Day holiday, and I have a simple question.  What would make you un-friend someone on Facebook?

Social media can be a great thing.  The ability to reconnect with someone from school that you lost touch with.  Keep family a little closer and share events and family activities with people.  It can also not work in your favor.  In this politically charged climate people can be vicious and unreasonable.  Perhaps borderline racist.  The facts can be right in front of their face, and they ignore it because it doesn’t follow the narrative they want to hear or tell.  It can divide family and friends.

Recently I unfriended a few people.  Some I just do not have anything in common anymore.  Some have, in my opinion, have been empowered to be much more racist than I ever realized.  And yes, some do not share the same political views I do.  That is not the reason to unfriend someone…you can just unfollow them and keep them as friends.  But if you are one of those people who feel the need to take time out of your day to troll others who do not believe what you believe…and ignore facts presented to them, that is a negativity I do not care to deal with.

I try to be open-minded and acknowledge that many people do not think the way I do.  I think that is pretty common.  But I draw the line when discrimination is involved, or if I perceive it as bullying.  But what could drive you over the edge?  Maybe a relationship went bad and you do not want to deal with an ex.  Maybe someone is just self involved and need gratification from others.  Is there a breaking point for you?  Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.  If you think you may be near this point click HERE to see 8 possible reasons to unfriend someone and give it some thought.

My two cents: If the person you are Facebook friends doesn’t bring anything positive to your life…maybe the un-friend option is the way to go.  Life is too short.  Spend more time around people who bring joy to your life and make it a little better.  You will be better for it.