Is there a year you could “Do-Over”?  We all want to go back to High School knowing what we know now.  I had a lot of fun in both High School and College, but I am not sure I would do anything differently.

Our High School did change some rules after we left though!  Kristine and I managed to convince our parents to sign off on a policy that let students who were 18 decide when they could leave school early.  Thank goodness for early birthdays.  We totally abused that policy and had a lot of absences that were excused.  Genius and stupid!  There was a local ice cream shop that had the medicine perfect for two high school seniors.

One day we mowed lawns, another day we watched a production team film a “Ponderosa” Commercial in Jessica’s neighborhood.  The Senior Skip day was a day that most of the class participated in, but poor Jessica had the cops looking for her after a miscommunication with her parents when she didn’t show up at home around 3pm that day.  We were in a totally different state!  Crazy Shenanigans.  I have no idea if Baby Beretta will be this devious when she grows up…but I know that in the end the three of us best friends turned out perfect 🙂