Today could be our first dose of Spring-like severe weather.

First off, it’s going to be very windy today. Winds should die down up north around noon, but strong winds will continue down in Will County most of the evening.

Winds will gust to 40 to 45 mph at times today, with the most likely areas and timing being south of Interstate 80 this morning and south of Interstate 80 this afternoon and early this evening.

There will also be some thunderstorms to deal with later this afternoon as the temperatures rise to the mid-70s. Some could be severe. Tornadoes are not out of the question.

Isolated non-severe thunderstorms are possible across north central Illinois through mid afternoon. More widespread thunderstorms are expected to develop across northwest and north central Illinois late this afternoon and move across the entire outlook area this evening. Scattered severe weather from these storms is possible, with the primary threat being strong winds, though a few brief tornadoes are possible.

This photo was taken this morning near DeKalb!


So, to recap:

Elevated Thunderstorm Risk…with an associated:
Elevated Damaging Wind Risk…up to 60 mph.
Limited Tornado Risk.
Limited Hail Risk…up to nickel size.
Elevated Non-thunderstorm Wind Risk.
Elevated Lakeshore Flood Risk.

Be safe out there!