Hey Hey it’s the Music Challenge (and people say we challenge around … okay that stopped making sense pretty quickly)   Today on the music challenge we are celebrating drummers who can sing.   We all saw the valuable contributions of Roger Taylor in Bohemian Rhapsody (those high notes were crazy!)   We have seen drummers step out front on their own like Phil Collins and have huge success with their solo albums.   We have even see slightly awkward looking drummers who have a voice of angel like Karen Carpenter.   I honestly don’t know how drummers ever sing and drum when they are doing live shows… I would be so out of breath (of course I can’t drum at all and I’m not that great a singer either!)  Sheila E. deserves a shout out for having some absolutely amazing percussion skills and also singing about the Glamorous Life!

I however have to go with one of my favorite songs by none other than TV’s favorite boy band, the Monkees.   I have always love Steppin’ Stone … Such a fun song that builds up and gets you going on the dance floor.   It of course is sung by none other than Monkees’ drummer Micky Dolenz … so enjoy one of my favorite songs to dance to by a super fun drummer.