So today is another one of those days that you didn’t know existed … neither did I!  But who doesn’t love a day about happiness.  (especially after the winter we have had … we could all use some happy!)    Today is actually Mitch Michaels Birthday too …so if that doesn’t make you happy I don’t know what will.  #InternationalDayOfHappiness.

I have said before that music moves mountains.  It has that kind of power.  It can bring people together, it can help you heal and it can speak for you when you can’t find the words.  Of course it can change your mood.  So what song makes you happy?

Well today is also the first day of Spring and although the temps are warming up finally, it still is a bit grey and rainy.  So as we don’t have any sunshine to improve our mood … I am going to turn to the wonderful Bill Withers.   This has been a go to song for me and usually makes an appearance on all my party playlists.  Also I am a big user of the word “lovely” … I’m guessing you may have heard me talk about the lovely George Harrison or the lovely ladies from Heart … Lovely is one of my favorite words.

So see if this song helps improve your mood on this grey day.

Now go spread some sunshine over on Facebook and post which songs make you happy… #InternationalDayofHappiness.