Music can energize and inspire … and let’s face it … someday’s you need all the help you can get.   Now truth be told I have one obvious answer to the above Music Challenge Question … It’s Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.   Is there a more amazing song to get you going.  The way it starts out slowly and rises … even thinking about that song can improve my mood.  BUT … I have literally used that song as my answer to so many Music Challenge questions that I made myself come up with something else.   This one is for the ladies …I went with a little girl power tonight because let’s face it Girl’s ROCK!    Gone are the days of young women being told they are “Just a Girl” … Now we have artist’s like Alicia Keyes telling them they are on fire and my new personal favorite … the amazing Lizzo.   I will be honest I only just discovered Lizzo after watching the MTV awards last month (and yes I’m old…I didn’t know everyone on the show ) but I was like yay Jonas Brothers and WHO IS THIS AMAZING WOMAN???   Well she’s Lizzo and she literally made my eyes fill with tears as I watched her empower young girls in the audience … (I actually gave her a standing ovation from my couch) … So since then I have been listening to lots of Lizzo   but this song is definitely my favorite (although Juice is a close second).

(Full disclosure … a few sweary moments in this song … but not too many)