So tonight I am all about the #KentuckyDerby.   Such a fab event in which music is a big part of the pomp and circumstance  (Do you sing along with My Old Kentucky Home?)

Horses are such beautiful creatures they are essentially art in themselves, so it’s not surprising that they have been the subject of many songs. (and books … did you ever read War Horse … amazing book!)  Wild Horses have been used as metaphors for many lyrics just like the song I chose below.

Of course there are some weird songs about horses too … like A Horse With No Name by America …
( I mean you’re in the desert, you got nothing else to do. Just give the horse a name already!)

Also I have to give this song a little shout out…BAD is such a fab band fronted by former Clash front man Mick Jones … check out the minute mark for the ultimate #KentuckyDerby moment.

Okay your turn … giddy up  over to Facebook and tell me your favorite equine inspired tune.