March winds and April showers
Make way for sweet May flowers

So hopefully the wind is behind us but as we head into April I guess we better embrace those rainy days.  Mother Nature has been frozen for months and she is thirsty!

Rain seems to be a very popular metaphor for sadness in the music world.  (Unless it’s purple … I mean Purple Rain is awesome right?).  Sometimes we sing in the rain, we walk in the rain, raindrops keep falling on our heads … and the Weather Girls love it when it’s raining men!

Country music loves a good ballad about the rain.  (why are so many country songs so sad?  Cheer up country folk!)

So one of my favorite eighties artists truly loved the rain … she sang about it all the time but probably most famously in the below classic hit.  I truly love Annie and Dave … in fact Dave Stewart in my opinion is one of the most underrated musicians of our generation.  So as April Showers approaches I give you the amazing Eurythmics with Here Comes the Rain Again…

So what’s your rainy day favorite?  Head over to Facebook and let me know (and as Rhianna has suggested don’t forget your umbrella!)