So last night I posted some pics from the wonderful wedding I went to last month in Portugal when my little cousin got married.  This wedding was truly magical for so many reasons but what made it really fun was how much dancing there was … There was dancing on the Friday night pre-wedding dinner … tons of dancing at the wedding which went on until the wee hours… and even dancing at the beach the following day (albeit at a much slower pace as by Sunday we were all a little worse for wear!)

I will tell you more about the dancing at my cousin’s wedding later on tonight but I thought it would make a great Music Challenge question to ask what song gets you on the dance floor at a wedding.   I can tell you what songs DON’T get me on the dance floor … I’m talking to you Chicken Dance … YMCA and Celebration.   I hate the cheesy wedding songs.   I think funky songs from the seventies and eighties are perfect for weddings because they cross so many generations.   The one below is one of my personal favorites … the opening notes are just calling out to you and have a perfect rhythm to walk across the dance floor to.  (I loved when they used this song in Night at the Museum!)

So how about you?  What song gets you on the dance floor at a wedding?