Who Do We Need to Talk To To Get a Tickle Bar in the Suburbs?!

I’m not sure this is the business I’D open during a pandemic…or, you know, any other time either…but hey, different strokes for different folks.

There’s a woman named Kimberly Haley-Coleman in Dallas, or KHC as I like to call her.  And she’s opening the doors to her new business tomorrow. It’s called The Tickle Bar.


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And that name is really accurate.  You literally go to this place and pay to be tickled.

Because of the pandemic, it’ll be by appointment only.  You show up, get a glass of wine, and then you’re escorted into one of the five Moroccan-style tickle tents.  You can go shirt on or off.

From there, you pick the tickling style you want:  Hair play, back tickles, or both.  And you can pay for 25 to 50 minutes.  It costs $40 for the shorter session, and $60 for the longer one.

Somehow, this is legit and NOT the front for an illicit operation that it 1,000,000% sounds like.  I wish them all the best! Now…which town in the ‘burbs would be the best location for a Tickle Bar?