Happy Hump Day!  Tim Thomas in for Nick today with a simple question.  Who gets more affection? Your dogs (if you have one) or your partner?  I was surprised by the answer.  A little.

A recent survey says that 84% of pet owners show more affection to their dogs than to their partner!  I suspect it is because our pets show us unconditional love.  Just feed them, exercise them, cuddle them…and they are good to go.  Our partners…well I am assuming there are more factors involved.

Some other findings in the survey:

76% of people would find their partner more attractive if they were more pet friendly.

25% of people have taken their pet on a date.

91% of people tell their pet they love them.

9% have broken up with a partner over a pet.

32% of people kiss their pets on the lips.

So if you are single, it is OK to show a little love to your pet on this Valentines Day.  And if you add a pet to your home…please adopt! So many pets are looking for forever homes.