Sometimes a familiar voice pops up in a song.  It’s not a member of the band but you know you know the voice.   Whether it’s a collaboration or a cameo it is always fun when our favorite artists come together.  Hearing two of your favorite voices harmonize is always fun.  Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much.  This track below was a single written in the late nineties by little known musician Joseph Arthur.  It appeared on one his albums  However in 2005 Michael Stipe of  REM recorded a cover of the song with producer James Iha (of Smashing Pumpkins Fame) for a Hurricane Katrina relief benefit EP released on iTunes.   Stipe recorded the song with Chris Martin of Coldplay and Joseph Arthur himself.

What I really love about this track is that it contains two legendary and so recognizable voices coming together.   I just really think they compliment each other.   I also think it’s a haunting song, particularly when you relate it to the tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina.

So for today’s music challenge … I give you Michael Stipe featuring Chris Martin with In the Sun.

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