Who Needs A Speech?

Hi, this is Leslie Harris. Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? I caught about the last hour.

I did not see Brad Pitt’s speech, but one of my managers told me today that he had hired professional speech writers, so of course I did an internet search. Brad insists that he writes all of his own speeches, but he does admit that he may have had some help. Come to think of it, Brad’s had some pretty good speeches over the last few months.

But I sure do wish that people like Renee Zellweger had had some help. Her speech was a seemingly random, rambling of names of people who no one knows. So I’ve been thinking, I’m a pretty good writer. Who needs a speech? I could start my own little side business, Leslie’s Lilting Loquations. OK, we can work on the name.

What do you think? Should actors and actresses should have help with the speeches? Would it make these shows a little more entertaining?

Let me know in the comments, but please, let’s keep the opinions about politics out of the discussion.

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