Who’s Going To Mexico?

Hey, it is Chris Miles and I am getting very excited for the trip to Mexico are you? I cannot wait to hang out with you and enjoy the sun. Is anyone bringing along any cool games? I think I’ll bring along my copy of Cards Against Humanity.


Here is you does of rock ‘N roll history for today:

March 1, 1980 – Patti Smith marries MC5 guitarist Fred “Sonic” Smith in Detroit.  They have two children, and remain married until his death from heart failure in 1994.

March 1, 1991 – The Doors movie, produced by Oliver Stone, premieres in North America.  It stars Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison, after Ian Astbury of the Cult turns the role down.

March 1, 1994 – Ozzy Osbourne wins his first Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for the song “I Don’t Want to Change the World.”

March 1, 1994 – Nirvana play their last concert ever in Munich, Germany, at Terminal Einz, an airplane hangar that fits 3,000 fans.  Kurt Cobain is very sick, and the rest of the tour is cancelled.  He is found dead a little over a month later


River Rocker With Birthday’s Today:

March 1, 1973 – Ryan Peake (47), guitar, vocals (Nickelback)

March 1, 1963 – Rob Affuso (57), drums (Skid Row)

March 1, 1962 – Bill Leen (58), bass (Gin Blossoms)

March 1, 1944 – Roger Daltrey (76), vocals (The Who)

March 1, 1944 – Mike D’Abo (76), vocals (Manfred Mann)

March 1, 1942 – Jerry Fisher (78), vocals (Blood, Sweat & Tears)