Will You Miss These Stores?

Hey, it’s Leslie, and I recently had an unpleasant experience at Dollar Tree.

The cashier had double rung one of my items, consequently overcharging me. I looked at the receipt, and asked for a refund. I was told by both the cashier and the manager that “we didn’t do that.” Now, it was only $1.25, but the whole thing annoyed me a LOT. Did it stop me from shopping at Dollar tree? Heck no!

So I was disappointed to read that the parent company of Family Dollar and Dollar Tree is closing about a thousand stores. About 600 family Dollar stores will close this year, and about 400 more Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores will close over the next several years. This comes after their fourth quarter report of 2023.

The chairman and CEO of the company said that “persistent inflation and reduced government benefits continue to pressure the lower income consumers,” who are a large piece of the pie of Family Dollar stores.

I’m sure it hasn’t helped their bottom line to learn about Family Dollars $42 million fine, after Federal officials found their distribution center enter was infested with rodents.

I admit, I rarely shop at Family Dollar, but I’m saddened by this news, not only because I never like to see businesses fail, but this will affect people who rely on these types of stores for inexpensive goods. I could be wrong, but I don’t see how this would be related to online sales. Lower income families often rely on these types of stores for groceries even more than merchandise.

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