Would you Dew a Pickled Dew?

Mountain Dew has a devoted group of fans, and if you’re one of them . . . would YOU be willing to down their latest concoction, which is PICKLE-flavored?

There aren’t many details yet, other than that it’s supposedly a “sour-sweet complement to Southern BBQ.”  (???)  It’s one of several new flavors that are being tested at Mountain Dew’s new “outpost” in backwoods Tennessee.  So, it isn’t widely available . . . yet . . . but it COULD be if it’s popular in the testing phase.

Other Mountain Dew flavors being tested there include:  Apple cinnamon . . . elderberry . . . huckleberry . . . and S’MORES.  (???)  (Which might be a bridge too far for even the most rabid Mountain Dew fanatics.)