People think dogs are smarter than cats.  This may be true.  But cats DO recognize their names and could probably do tricks too…they just choose not to.

I am a cat owner of a wonderful tabby named Apollo.  Had him for over 8 years now.  He has traveled with me through 5 homes.  And he greets me like a dog when I come home from work.  He talks, recognizes when I need a little comforting, and yes he knows his name when I call him.

A new study has found that cats recognize their names and probably other words too.  They understand more than we give them credit for. They just choose to ignore us.  Not a big surprise.   Dogs tend to obey commands more often.  But cats just choose not to.  You can read the Scientific American article HERE.

I will tell you this…if you are not a cat lover…a cat can make you one if it wants to.  Apollo has been by my side for a while and sometimes a little cuddling is just what the doctor ordered.  Adopt one from your local shelter today.  You will thank me later.

~ Tim Thomas