Yesterday, Gov. Pritzker signed a bill making it legal for bars and restaurants to fill growlers (or, the much better option, crowlers) of beer for off-site consumption.

As a consumer, this is great! It gives us access to beer we perhaps would not have had access to at places that are convenient for us.

Reaction from the brewing community is mixed though, depending on who you ask!

Some brewers are concerned it will keep people out of their establishments, an argument bars have had against breweries ever since they started to become popular hangouts and not just production facilities.

A lot of brewers are also concerned bar employees won’t be properly trained on how to properly handle the beer – a very perishable product – which could end up giving the customer a poor experience which could reflect badly on the brewer. This is a very legitimate concern, if you ask me.

So, have any beer retailers been prepared for this? You betchya.

Other retailers won’t be so quick to hop on board (see what I did there?). Some express reservations about licensing costs and that filling growlers/crowlers would slow down their bartenders too much.

This article does a nice job summing everything up.

While reaction has been mixed across the  beverage industry,