You Can Shamrock the Block in Aurora!

Hey it’s Leslie Harris, and St Patrick’s Day is just a little more than a month away. The city of Aurora is having a St Patrick’s Day parade, on St Patrick’s Day. I think this is a wise move, given that the city of Chicago is having their big parade on the 16th, and a lot of other municipalities will be having theirs on the 16th and some, such as Elmhurst, will be having their St Patrick’s Day parades on the 9th.

The Daniel D Dolan St Patrick’s Day parade is looking for Aurora based organizations and businesses that want to participate in the parade. You gotta use traditional Irish colors, green white and orange, and there’s a limit of one vehicle per organization.

If your group is interested in participating, you can email, or call 630-256-3370.

Help shamrock the block in downtown Aurora the St Patrick’s Day!