You could Own a Piece of…Magic?

Hey it’s Leslie, and when I read about this I thought no way. An invisibility shield? For reals?

Well, not only is it real, but they’re actually on the 2.0 version.

The company which is cleverly named Invisibility Shield Co., has come up with the design that seems to be straight out of science fiction, but in fact, you or I could own one of these starting at only $69!

I don’t understand all the sciencey stuff, but basically it’s a polycarbonate shield that reflects and refracts light from behind it. Here’s what the company has to say: “Each shield uses a precision engineered lens array to direct light reflected from the subject standing behind it…” Enough of that.

The company says for best results to use something with a uniform background like grass or foliage. Basically, it will reflect back more grass and foliage, making the person appear invisible. It comes in three sizes. The mini is 12 in x 7.9 in, the full size is 3 ft 3 in high and 2 ft 3 in wide, and the mega shield is 6 ft by 4 ft. And get this. The shields roll up! If you want to get in on the Early Bird Kickstarter, click HERE

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