Leslie Harris here for Samantha James, and I know this post may cause a lot of mixed feelings, but I kind of like to stir the pot 🙂


Hopefully by now, you have heard that the bees are in danger. Big companies that produce pesticides have been telling us for years that the pesticides are benign, at least to people. So the first part of this is that these pesticides are killing the bees, and so bees are now endangered. But the second part of that is that the pesticides are now being found in the food that we eat. And if it kills pests, guess what? It is toxic to humans too! So what does this have to do with dandelions?

Well as I mentioned earlier bees are in danger, and dandelions are a favorite food of the bees. I know you want that lush green lawn, but you also want to have a healthy planet for your grandchildren and their children.

If you simply MUST get rid of your dandelions, there are environmentally friendly ways of doing that like using corn by-product. Check with your local Garden Supply shop or online for more information.

And admit it, at least the yellow flowers of the dandelions are rather pretty, don’t you think?

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