You never know the consequences of anything that happens in the universe.  This is the moral of this really fab little fable about a Chinese Farmer.  Have a look , it really speaks truth!.

So I stumbled upon this little gem of a story while watching The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons from a Mythical Man.  It is such a great documentary essentially about the spontaneous encounters and urban legends associated with the elusive, comedic veteran, who touches lives in such a down to earth and amazing way by simply showing up anywhere.

There is footage of him playing in a band at a party, pics of him washing dishes at another party and so many great stories of his interest in everyday people.  He obviously has a way of making people feel very special by showing so much curiosity in their lives.  The best part of the stories is that you can see in the footage and  the photos that it’s all so genuine.  He has some how managed to have such great success and survived Hollywood untouched.   Of course he is a Cubs Fan, a Second City alum and home town boy so of course that makes us love him even more.

So check out the documentary and the above Chinese Fable that is a favorite of Bill’s.