A $70,000 Dog?

Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville has a new dog. Well kind of. It’s actually a robotic dog!

The engineering department got a robotic dog from Boston Dynamics in Massachusetts, and it’s name is Bode.

Bode has already been interacting with students, which allows them to learn about the circuitry and artificial intelligence. And like a real dog, Bode has to go to sleep to recharge its batteries.

Cen Karacal, who is the dean of engineering at SIUE School of engineering says “It is the future. These things are coming.”

As well as being an educational tool for current students, SIUE is hoping that Bode will attract new engineering students. Bode may even end up as SIUE’s mascot!

What do you think about this new robotic dog? Do you think more universities should spend that $70,000? Let me know in the comments.