A Behind the Trees Look at the Peanuts Themed Christmas Experience, Including Pictures with Santa, at Fox Valley Mall!

I had the pleasure of doing a little Black Friday broadcasting from the newly renovated Center Park at Fox Valley Mall. I seriously love the place with all the new concepts and design elements. It’s beautiful and you can tell they are investing a lot to continue to be a part of the west suburban community.

That investment includes a VERY well done and nostalgic Christmas experience this year. I recorded a walk-through video of the Peanuts area which has been viewed and shared a CRAZY number of times which tells me they really got it right with this!

It takes the traditional visit with Santa and surrounds it with the fun and festivities of the 1965 classic movie featuring Charlie Brown, Snoop, Lucy and some of the amazing scenery we all remember.

Here’s the official description, but just watch the video above for the best look!

In keeping with this incredibly beloved tale, the new “Peanuts Christmas Experience with Santa” set takes visitors through a journey that begins at Snoopy’s famous doghouse, which acts as the grand entrance to the encounter. Inside the doghouse, guests will love reminiscing as they explore projected still and moving images on the walls – turning Snoopy’s doghouse into a portal to the Peanuts world. Next stop, the show’s famous Christmas tree lot, with trees that provide a timed light show, coming to life with dance and song. A socially distant visit and photo opportunity with Santa comes next, before people complete their Peanuts adventure. Then, visitors move back into the experience, taking selfies with 3D sculptures of Snoopy and Charlie Brown before visiting Lucy’s interactive Holiday Help stand where Lucy will ask questions and provide advice. At the next interactive station, visitors can dance along with their favorite Peanuts characters on a unique LED-activated dance floor, perfect for shooting fun-filled family videos. The experience concludes with a visit to Charlie Brown’s mailbox where guests are invited to leave letters to Santa.

What’s great is that you can make reservations for the visit with Santa to avoid having to stand in any lines because you know…COVID. Make reservations and buy your photo package here. The peanuts set is free and open to anyone even without the stop to take a selfie with The Big Guy.

There’s been a bit of confusion as to if you are welcome to snap some pics for the ‘Gram whilst among the Peanuts gang. The sign out front say personal photography is prohibited, but Scott the GM of the mall said in the video that guests are encouraged to bring their phones and takes pics and videos. My best guess on this is that the personal photography is only prohibited when visiting with Santa as you have to buy photography packages for that. Everything else is free game and selfies are encouraged to help spread the word about this super cool feature!

Maybe double check when you get there though…just to be safe!