Does Black Coffee Make Mackay a Psychopath?

I have at least two cups of black coffee a day and when I saw this I had to laugh. Who does these surveys and is there really any proof that I have a chance at being a psycho because of my coffee choices? The survey companies think so…how ’bout you?  I mean, I could be Psycho but blaming on my choice of caffeine doesn’t seem to make much sense, but, there is more to it. Read below.

Social media is obsessed with an old study from 2016 that found you’re more likely to be a psychopath if you enjoy things that are BITTER.  Stuff like black coffee, dark chocolate, and gin-and-tonics.

It looked at the food-and-drink preferences of 1,000 Americans, and at personality traits like how narcissistic, aggressive, and sadistic they were.

It found people who like bitter stuff are more likely to have the types of “anti-social” qualities psychopaths have.  And they were more likely to take pleasure in seeing other people suffer.

If you’re listening to this while enjoying a square of dark chocolate and washing it down with black coffee, don’t worry TOO much.  Liking that stuff doesn’t always mean you’re a psycho.

They said to take the results with a grain of salt, because it’s just one study.  That said, experts think 1 in 22 people are technically psychopaths.  So there’s a decent chance you . . . or someone you know . . . is a psycho.

(NY Post)