When I walked into the Gas & Wash/Dunkin’ Donuts at Rt. 126 and Drauden and started walking to the counter, anothr older gentleman was converging into the same space. He was already in the building, so I stopped to let him go first to order his food.

He ordered two Boston cremes…maybe something else, I wasn’t paying much attention as I was trying to figure out what to order myself.

As he starts to leave and I move up to the counter, he smiles to me and says, “I got your breakfast this morning. It’s on me.” as he leaves a $10 bill on the counter.

I was a bit taken aback! I wasn’t expecting this generosity. The guy was nearly out the door as I was yelling “Thank you!!”

What the guy didn’t know what the extremely Monday-ish day I had yesterday, you know, with the whole salmonella juice leaking all over my fridge and the station going off the air. His generosity surely made up for that!

Thank you, sir! I shall pay it forward!