Good News For Chicken Lovers
Did you think I meant the kind of chickens you eat?
This is Leslie Harris. Did you know that there is a chicken therapy group in Naperville?
Touch My Heart is a non-profit that works with adults with special needs and their families. They reach more than 5,000 people every year, and they have a mobile food pantry that delivers four times every week. And, they have therapy chickens!
Owners Rick and Wendy Montalbano had some complaints from their neighbors, so they installed a 6 ft privacy fence around the property, and they are working to reduce the number of chickens from 16 to 12.
But the neighbors want the portable restroom gone too, but that would render the operation useless.
The Montalbano’s are looking for a new location for their nonprofit, including the chickens. They have a deadline of August 15th, 2024.
In the meantime, Naperville councilwoman Allison Longenbaugh has asked the council to allow the portable restrooms until the move to a new location is completed.
Council members seem to be in favor of the extension, and will be voting on it at a meeting in the future.
Find out more about to Touch My Heart and the work they’re doing in our community, and how you can help, HERE