Last Minute Dad’s Day Gifts (that you can get locally)

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris in for Mitch again. Father’s Day is this Sunday. Do you still have some shopping to do? Don’t tell my husband, but I do!

Here are some interesting ideas that you can get within the next couple of days. These are all available locally.

How about the Kaito KA 500? It’s a hand crank radio. Isn’t radio great? So if we have a blackout, and this shortwave radio can be battery powered, solar powered, hand crank, USB or wall outlet, and it’s water resistant! Walmart is selling the Kaito ka 500 for $50.

My husband enjoys cooking out, but our outdoor cooking utensils have definitely seen better days. Why not get Dad or hubby a new set of grilling tools? There are many different sets available from different retailers. Target has one with 17 tools for only $25.

Best Buy has the Ember temperature control smart mug. This would also be a good gift for my husband as he doesn’t like his beverages super hot. This will keep your beverage at whatever temperature you set it to. It runs from about $100 to about $130. What are some of your favorite last minute Father’s Day gifts? Let me know in the comments

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